My name is Jane Fern and I am a Certified KonMari Consultant. I have a desire to see peoples lives transformed by helping them identify what is truly important to them and what makes them happy. I believe in the importance of creating a home that reflects the lifestyle which brings its owners joy. A place of peace, calm and happiness.

I was trained by Marie Kondo and her team in New York where I further developed my knowledge of the KonMari Method™.

The KonMari Method™ was introduced to me through listening to Marie Kondo's audio book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying'. I connected with this method immediately and was excited to put it into practice in my own life and in the life of family and friends. This is the method I use in my consulting.

The KonMari Method™

The KonMari Method™ is a state of mind – and a way of life – that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in one’s life. Belongings are acknowledged for their service – and thanked before being let go, should they no longer spark joy. People around the world are drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness, but also because it places great importance on being mindful, introspective and optimistic.


We seem to have accumulated so much stuff and so I used the decluttering service and was genuinely surprised by the methods they used and how well they worked for me and my young children.  They didn’t do the work for me, they worked with me, which was ideal because I realised I have emotional connections to items I don’t really want to keep and I put financial values on things I don’t use.  The most important thing they helped me with is to understand the lifestyle I want to have and this has helped me stop buying things I don’t really need, or settling for the easy available items that don’t bring me joy.  I am definitely going to continue with their methods and have the lifestyle I want for me.

- by Michelle