Organise Your Home

Would you like a complete transformation of your home and the way you think about your belongings?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in your home and regularly find yourself looking for your keys or can't find something? Are you drowning in paperwork or too embarrassed to have guests round?

My in home consultation sessions offer you the support you need to completely transform your home and lifestyle.

KonMari Method™

As a Certified KonMari Consultant, I will assist you in restoring balance into your life so that you are surrounded only with those things that make you happy.

Using the KonMari Method™ gives you a start and a finish to your tidying process. We tidy by the following categories:




Miscellaneous items

Sentimental items

Please also do take a look at our Workshops.

Follow these simple steps to your ideal lifestyle

  1. Commit to tidying up
  2. Visualise your ideal lifestyle
  3. Tidy by category not location
  4. Follow the right order
  5. Ask yourself if each item sparks joy
  6. Organise your belongings


I've always struggled with storage space, especially for my clothes and shoes. Jane and Sue at Organised Houselife helped me to realise what items I actually needed, rather than just hoarding. There were things in my wardrobe I'd not worn for years and certainly didn't even feel good about anymore. They rolled, folded, boxed and co-ordinated my entire collection using only the space I had available. I now have a well-organised, neat and tidy bedroom.

- by Kelly