We offer workshops where you can learn how to organise your home and make clutter a thing of the past

Getting your home organised is more than just tidying up. It's about looking at everything you own and in small steps, decluttering and reorganising. It's also looking at the bigger picture of how you want to feel in your home.

In our workshops sessions we:

• Teach you methods on how to declutter and get organised.

• Identify your individual problem areas within your home. 

• Discuss your current lifestyle and how to create the lifestyle you deserve and dream of.

You get all the benefits of working in a small group.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information.


Organised Houselife really helped me. My bedroom was a mess, so un-organised. They guided me on the way to organisation. We started clearing and had 3 baskets: 1 for donations, 1 to bin, and the other to keep. I was also shown some great space saving tips: one was a better way to fold my clothes, which saves me lots of space and it looks so much tidier than just throwing them in the drawer. They were a real help to me. Thank you Organised Houselife. 

- by Alison